Rige Shiba

Museum Education Officer, National Museum New Dehli
(ITP 2013, India)

To relive a moment of sheer intellectual satisfaction is what would define my experience gathered at the Bristol Museum roundtable in 2016. Something which was sown at the 2015 CSMVS Conference, began to develop at M Shed, Bristol and through gradual input is ready to bear testament to an honest attempt made by Team ITP.

The online exhibition has enabled representatives from museums across the globe to virtually connect through the diverse nature of objects and antiquities selected to tell stories based on collective memory. This online exhibition has not only brought museum professionals, from across the world under one roof, but it will also enable our virtual audiences to experience, appreciate and relate to objects from other communities and cultures.  

The opportunity to be part of such an initiative and to take on the role of one of the storytellers has been incredibly enriching. I hope this project will be a trendsetter and encourage more museums to explore the possibility of re-contextualizing their collection, with collective memory as the driving force.