Wendland Chole Kiziili

Senior Curator, Kitale Museum
(ITP 2013, Kenya)

I wish to take this opportunity once again to thank the British Museum for selecting me to participate in the ‘creating Museums of world stories’ in 2015: a three day workshop to mark 10 years of the British Museum’s International Training Programme (ITP), hosted by Chhtrapati Shivaji Vastu Sangrahalaya (CSMVS). It is at this workshop where the idea of developing an exhibition was born. Participants were placed in different groups based on preparatory work and discussions, creating museums of world stories. After a lengthy discussion our group presented a proposal, initially entitled ‘Seeing the invisible’.

Surprisingly, it came out that our workshop group was selected by the British Museum ITP team and Bristol Museums to realise our project as an online exhibition. We were invited to the UK in 2016 to brainstorm ideas for the exhibition, create an outline and work-up a proposal to turn our Mumbai exhibition proposal into an on-line exhibition. We were then able to develop a frame work for our project where we created a central theme and sub themes. I took on the theme ‘Looking the part’ and in my section have focused on dress, costume and gender as my sub themes.